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Dec. 7, 2018


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News Date: December 07, 2018

Department of Public Service Ready for Winter

The Department of Public Service is prepped and ready for another winter season with its 2018-2019 Snow and Ice Control Plan.  The objective of the snow and ice control program is to allocate trained personnel, proper equipment, and adequate materials to provide a Passable Roadways objective that allows for safe travel on our main and secondary roadways.

Planning and preparation for the coming winter season has been ongoing since the close of the previous winter season.  Staff within the Division of Infrastructure Management has worked tirelessly over the past many months to perform a total revision of the Snow and Ice Control Plan.  Major changes for this year include:

  • Increased Ability to Anti-Ice:  From last winter season to this winter season, through a combination of capital purchases as well as in-house fabrication, the Division of Infrastructure Management has increased their ability to anti-ice by over 50 percent.  This equates to the ability to apply over 35,000 gallons of liquid material before or during and event.
  • Establishment of Lead Routes:  Within Priority 1 routes, Lead Routes have been identified based on factors including traffic volume, travel speed and roadway composition.  These routes will be serviced at the onset of a winter event and maintained throughout each event at a high priority.  Of the 109 Priority 1 routes, 32 have been identified as lead routes.
  • Zone Based Priority 3 Routing:  While the use of route optimization has and continues to be effective for snow and ice control, it could not take place of the experience the Snow Warriors have in regards to the areas they have been serving for multiple years.  In review of winter events from the previous season the Snow Warriors have modified priority 3 service by utilizing route optimization within the existing maintenance zones of each outpost.

When snow falls, be sure to go to warriorwatch.columbus.gov to see what City streets have been serviced in the past 72 hours and to check the priority level of your street.  To learn more about our Snow and Ice control program, be sure to visit columbus.gov/publicservice/Snow-and-Ice-Control.  Here you can find not only a full version of the Snow and Ice Control Plan but also a printable brochure as well as Frequently Asked Questions and a glossary of common snow and ice control terms.