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Hamilton Road (North) Extension

Description and Benefits

This project will widen Central College Road for development of turn lanes at the Hamilton Road intersection and at the intersection of High Rock Drive. Hamilton road will be widened to the south of Central College Road and will be extended approximately 1,100 feet to the north of Central College Road. A new traffic signal installation will be installed at the intersection of Hamilton Road and Central College Road. Sidewalk and a shared use path will be installed along the extension of Hamilton Road. Street lighting will be installed along the improvement limits. A new waterline will be installed along the Hamilton Road extension. 

Estimated Schedule

Construction: January 2020 to Fall 2020

Estimated Costs

Construction: $3,400,000

Contact Information

City of Columbus construction project manager: Georgia Hellinger, (614)207-8495, [email protected]

Designer: EMH&T

Construction Contractor: Miller Brothers Construction