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Broad Street at James Road - Intersection Improvement

Intersection – Broad St at James Rd


The intersection of SR 16 (E Broad) at CR 177 (N James) suffers from elevated crash rates due to the high number of left and right turns from James Road and conflicts with access to business driveways. The purpose of this project is to reduce crashes, improve traffic flow efficiency, and improve pedestrian access and safety at this location.


Proposed Improvements

Construct dual southbound left-run lanes and provide protected-only southbound left-turn phasing.

Construct exclusive right-turn lanes on northbound and southbound intersection approaches.

Reconstruct existing signal and install signal back plates.

Modify signal timings to reduce backups and stops.

Install advanced street name signs along the southbound approach.

Install medians along James Road.


Study: Fall 2019 – Summer 2020
Design: Summer 2020 – Spring 2022
Right-of-way acquisition: Early 2022 – Early 2023
Utility Relocation: Early 2022 – Early 2023
Construction: Summer 2023 – Summer 2024, subject to funding approval by City Council and weather conditions


Design: $1.2M (100% Federal Funds)
Right-of-way acquisition and Utility Relocation: $550,000 (74.5% Federal Funds/25.5% COC Funds)
Construction: $5M (74.5% Federal Funds/25.5% COC Funds)
Total Federal Funding for Project: $2,870,000 for all project phases


City of Columbus design project manager: Hannah Webber, P.E., (614) 645-2859
Designer: HDR
Construction contractor: To be determined