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About the Study

The Renner Rd/Trabue Rd/McKinley Rd corridor (RTMC) serves multiple communities on Columbus west side. Additionally, it provides connectivity to Downtown Columbus, US-33, I-70, and I-670. Like many corridors across the city of Columbus, the RTMC corridor is experiencing significant growth and development brining increased pressure on the transportation network.

In response to these growing pains, as well as pre-existing challenges on the corridor, the City of Columbus is undertaking a mobility study that will comprehensively and holistically study the corridor. This study will result in realistic strategies, both long term and short term, to support the areas continued economic vitality, improve health and safety, and access to employment opportunities.

The RTMC Mobility Study will be completed in two phases. Phase One is currently underway and is expected to complete in August of 2021. Phase Two will then follow.


Study Area Map

Public Presentation Slides (February 2021)

Part 1 Memo

Part 1 Presentation

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