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division addresses phone and fax Office of the Director   
Michael B. Coleman Government Center
111 N. Front St., 8th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 645.7795   
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]  

Economic Development
111 N. Front St., 8th Floor   
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 645.8616  
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]  

Housing Division  
111 N. Front St., 3rd Floor   
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]  

Land Redevelopment Division   
845 Parsons Avenue    
Columbus, OH 43206-9030   
(614) 645.5263   
(614) 645-6675  [FAX]  

Planning Division   
111 N. Front St., 8th Floor     
Columbus, OH 43215  
(614) 724.4437 
(614) 645.6675 [FAX]

Housing Division Overview

Housing Administrator:   Rita Parise 

The Housing Division serves Columbus by preserving and producing housing that helps build strong, distinct and vibrant neighborhoods. The Housing Division collaborates with federal, state and local government housing agencies to strategically target its resources for neighborhood investment. These programs are available to city of Columbus residents eligible for assistance guided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Income Guidelines.


View the current AWARE Manual

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View the Current Income Limits

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View the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging Resource Page

The Ohio Preservation Compact (OPC) is pleased to unveil the only comprehensive website dedicated to the preservation of affordable housing in Ohio: This website features a web-accessible database open to the public, with a comprehensive list of over 3,000 affordable housing communities in Ohio. The database is a resource for owners and developers of affordable rental housing.

Contact Us

Housing Division
Office: 614-645-7896          
Fax:    614-645-6675

Intake Line
Office : 614-645-8526
Email:  [email protected]

Franklin County Auditor
Franklin County Recorder's Office
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 
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