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Healthy Living has its Rewards

Learning how to live healthy is easier when you’ve got some help to find your way. That’s what Rally® is all about.

It’s a website and mobile app that helps you learn simple ways to take care of yourself – from being more active to eating better. When you start making small changes and adding healthy habits to your everyday life, you start moving toward better health management, which helps you live a full, active life.

Rally Makes it Easy to Make Small Changes, Step by Step

Get started and you’ll get a custom-created program designed to help you live healthier.

  • See your Rally age – start by taking a health survey to see your Rally age – a measure of your overall health.
  • Accept your Missions – based on your Rally age, you’ll get a list of easy, fun custom-picked missions to try – all designed to help you eat better, lift your fitness level and even improve your mood.
  • Take on a Challenge – use the Rally app to track your activity and compete with other Rally members to earn extra rewards.
  • Connect with a Coach – talk on the phone and work together to create a personalized healthy-living plan that works with your lifestyle.
  • Read relevant health and wellness articles– from helpful tips to hydrate throughout the day to getting enough exercise, you can arm yourself with the latest information on health and wellness.

Rally also releases a digital magazine that's relevant to City of Columbus employees. To read the latest issue, visit the link below.

Summer Issue 2020

To access Rally, visit and login to your account. Then click on the 'health resources' tab and click on the 'get started now' under Rally. You can also download the Rally Engage app for your iOS or Android devices and take Rally wherever you go. After downloading or accessing Rally, be sure you take 5-10 minutes to fill out your Rally Age survey, first!

If you have any questions or issues accessing Rally, email Jacob Hittle, the Exercise Physiologist with Healthy Columbus at [email protected]