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Fire Museum

Museum LogoThe Central Ohio Fire Museum

"Learning from the past to save the future"

Central Ohio Fire Museum & Learning Center


No. 16 Engine House  260 N. Fourth St.. Columbus, Ohio


Museum Steamer      For generations, firefighters have risked their lives to help their communities in the time of need. Some have paid the ultimate price by dying in the line of duty.

The Central Ohio Fire Museum & Learning Center pays tribute to our firefighters, past present and future, and the rich legacy they have left us. Through a collection of hand-drawn, horse-drawn and motorized fire apparatus, visitors can retrace the steps of firefighters and learn about their day-to-day lives in the engine house.

Set in an authentically restored 1908 Columbus Engine House (No.16) our building is on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearly $700,000 was raised from Firefighters, corporate and community sponsors to restore the front facade in 1990 and the journey to educate the public began.

The Museum opened in October 2002, and hosts nearly 4,000 visitors each year, the vast majority being children in grades K - 2nd. However, people of all ages enjoy the diversity and history offered in this interactive Museum setting.

The Museum's mission is to teach fire safety, education, prevention, and life saving procedures to all people in age -appropriate settings. Personalized individual tours are offered as well as classroom style settings for those who are looking for a more formal session.

Come visit "Fire Safety Way", where our qualified fire safety instructors will educate using hands-on, interactive, informational, and fun displays emphasizing the importance of Fire prevention.

Visitors will learn about how and when to use 9-1-1 and will be able to make a sample call with our 9-1-1 simulator. A fully equipped realistic "Safety Kitchen" shows what potential dangers lurk in our kitchens. The "Safe Bedroom" allows your child to practice "escaping" from a bedroom with "real" smoke effects. After this, they can view 2 bedrooms to highlight the importance of education and prevention. One shows a smoke filled room being searched by a Firefighter, and another room shows the devastating effects of fire and smoke to the room and its contents providing a humbling reality to the experience of a fire in ones home.

After your child's learning experience is done, let them explore the Play Area, where they can "drive" a real Fire Engine, dress up in Firefighter clothes, slide down a pole, and put out that stubborn “fire” with a real fire hose!!

The Museum's goal now is to raise money to restore the 2nd floor (formerly dormitory rooms and hayloft) so we can further increase our displays and teaching capacity. Please inquire about how you can help us through family memberships, sponsorships, donations and Tax Deductible corporate giving.

We are open Tuesday - Saturday 10 to 4, so call
(614-464-4099) or email us at [email protected] today to book your tour with us and find out about group rates or birthday party options.

We look forward to your visit with us!!

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