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Addressing COVID-19 Disparities

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Information and Resources

FDA COVID-19 Resource Guide in Multiple Languages:

Project Staff Completed the New Americans Leadership Academy Service Project on COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness:

CDC Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination:

CDC Funded Projects to Support Community Health Workers:

At Home Rapid Testing Kits: (Rapid Testing Kits)

New AHA PSAs And Resources Feature Clinicians Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccination (

Stories from the Somali Community Vaccination Clinic:

YouTube Channel: Greater Than COVID: Greater Than COVID - YouTube

A public information response from KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) to help individuals take charge of their health during the evolving pandemic.

KFF is partnering with trusted messengers to provide easy-to-access information about vaccines.

Through Greater Than COVID, KFF is working with partners to address information needs in disproportionately affected communities. 

University of Minnesota: Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy COVID-19 Podcast:

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources for Pregnant People, Teens, and Children


Teens and Children: