Dr. Mysheika W. Roberts joined Columbus Public Health in 2006.

Mysheika W. Roberts, MD, MPH

Health Commissioner


Columbus Public Health is working to protect the health and improve the lives of all residents by addressing our community’s most critical public health issues such as infant mortality, the opioid epidemic, tobacco use and obesity. 

Health Commissioner Dr. Mysheika W. Roberts leads the organization and a team of more than 500 public health professionals who are focused on neighborhood-based approaches that address the social determinants of health from safe, affordable housing and education to jobs and violent crime in order to decrease the health disparities that exist.

Dr. Roberts has a prolific 20 year public health background at the local, state and national levels. Prior to her appointment as Health Commissioner in December 2017, she was the Medical Director and Assistant Health Commissioner at Columbus Public Health. She also built a solid foundation in public health early in her career by investigating outbreaks in Ohio for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and leading an STD clinic and hepatitis prevention efforts at the Baltimore City Health Department. 

Dr. Roberts extends her service to the community beyond the walls of Columbus Public Health where she serves as the chair elect of the Big Cities Health Coalition and a member of the Lifeline of Ohio Minority Advisory Group, and OhioHealth’s Faith, Culture and Community Benefit Committee. She also serves as a mentor in OhioHealth’s Physician Diversity Scholars Program.

She earned her MD from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and her MPH from the University of Michigan.

A native of Los Angeles, she now calls Columbus home and enjoys spending down time with her husband Edward and their dogs Cosby and Rudy.

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