Infectious Disease

Foodborne Illness Reporting 
Responds to and investigates foodborne illness complaints from the public.

Food Safety Program
Licenses and inspects food service operations and retail food and educates food workers to prevent foodborne illness. 

Hepatitis Education and Testing
Learn about Hepatitis A, B and C and find information on how to prevent and treat Hepatitis.

Infectious Disease Investigation 
Investigates reported cases of communicable disease, monitors disease in community; and prevents spread of disease.

Infectious Disease Reporting System (IDRS) 
For health care and laboratories only to report communicable disease to the local health department.

Immunizations and education for children and adults.

Learn about the signs and symptoms, vaccine safety, and where to get the vaccine.

Mosquito & Insect Control
Reduce disease spread to humans by insects, such as West Nile Virus.

Project L.O.V.E. (Love Our kids Vaccinate Early)
Community partnership helping Franklin County children to be vaccinated by age 2 and adult services to prevent Hepatitis.

Rabies Prevention
Offers rabies vaccination clinics, investigates reported animal bites, and provides community education. 

Seasonal Flu 
Education and outreach for adults and children, provides limited free adult flu vaccine, and assists businesses offering flu vaccination for employees.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention 
Offers quality services to prevent and control Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's).

Training for Childcare
Offers a 6-hour communicable disease training course for childcare providers.  

Tuberculosis (TB)
Works to stop TB disease from spreading, and educates the community.

Water Protection
Licenses and inspects public swimming pools, spas, spray parks, and other facilities to prevent water-borne illness.