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Information about on-street ADA Accessible parking

ADA Accessible Parking

Click here for a citywide map of ADA Accessible parking meters

Residential On-Street ADA Parking Rules and Regulations

Residential On-Street ADA Parking Application

The City recognizes that on-street parking in some residential neighborhoods is a limited resource, especially in areas having few off-street parking facilities such as garages, carports, driveways or hard-surfaced parking areas. Furthermore, the mobility for some citizens with disabilities or mobility challenges can be enhanced by the establishment of dedicated ADA parking spaces along public streets for ADA designated vehicles.

The City of Columbus Division of Parking Services will install residential on-street ADA parking signage to provide additional parking opportunities for residents that meet the eligibility requirements, one parking space per address. ADA parking signage requests are generally approved if the applicants meets the following criteria:

  • -Resides at a residence located on a public street within the city of Columbus;
  • -Has a current ADA placard or ADA license plate from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles; and
  • -Does not have access to off-street parking such as a driveway, garage, parking pad, etc.

Please note, the physical condition, or use of the off-street parking (i.e. a garage used for storage, non-functioning overhead garage door, unpaved parking area that is not properly maintained) shall not constitute a basis for approving an application. 

Also, the ADA parking space is not limited to the applicant use only, but anyone with a current ADA placard or license plate may legally park in the space.

To apply for an on-street ADA parking space, please complete the link above. Please return the completed application and required documentation to:

Division of Parking Services

111 N. Front Street, 5th Floor

Columbus, OH  43215

Or scan in the application and all required documents and email to

For questions, please email