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Valet Zones

Valet parking zones are designated locations in the public right-of-way where an attendant takes possession of a vehicle for the purpose of parking and returns the vehicle to the owner when requested. Valet parking is most utilized near restaurants in areas with limited parking. A Valet Parking Permit is required to operate a valet zone in the public right-of-way. If your business would like to request an on-street valet parking zone, please review the Valet Parking Rules and Regulations to determine eligibility, requirements and fess associated with establishing a valet parking zone.

To apply for a valet parking permit, visit to create an online profile. Once your profile is created, you will need to complete a loading zone application by following the steps below.

  1. Under the Right of Way Section, click “Create and Application”
  2. Read and accept the disclaimer
  3. Click on “903 Occupancy Permit”, you will need this permit number to complete the valet zone application
    • a.In the application, please put “valet zone” for the reason for the permit request
    • b.Submit application
  4. Complete steps 1 and 2 again and click on “On-Street Valet Permit” and complete the application.

Once your application is complete, city staff will review and make certain everything is correct before creating an invoice. Once the invoice is created and fees are entered into the system, you will receive an email telling you to log back into the system and pay the required fees to process your permit.

Click  here  to view a map of the current valet zones in the City of Columbus

If you have questions, please contact Parking Services at or call 311 (614-645-3111).