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Central Avenue-Harrisburg Pike and Mound Street Intersection

Ohio Department of Transportation project PID 99420; FRA-CR505-2.65

Description and benefits:
The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission annually produces a top 40 list of high-crash locations. The intersection of Central Avenue-Harrisburg Pike at Mound Street is currently ranked as the eighth highest crash location in central Ohio, with 94 crashes from 2008 through 2010. The city of Columbus and the Ohio Department of Transportation are collaborating to make changes to the intersection that will help reduce the number of crashes.

Current plans include:
Modify travel-lane assignments, directional signs and pavement markings
Replace outdated traffic signals with mast-arm style
Resurface Central Avenue-Harrisburg Pike at intersection with Mound Street
Rebuild sidewalk sections and curb ramps disturbed by new signal poles
Adding pedestrian countdown timers and push-button signals at crosswalks

Estimated schedule:
Design: Set to finish in February 2017
Right-of-way acquisition: Complete
Construction: Scheduled to begin in summer 2018

Estimated costs:
Project is funded 90% by Ohio Department of Transportation and balance by City of Columbus
Design: $130,000
Right-of-way acquisition: $15,000
Construction: $598,000

Contact information:
City of Columbus design project manager Kyle Hardy, 614-645-2732
Designer: Mead and Hunt
Construction contractor: TBD