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Information about Resurfacing 2013 Package 1

Resurfacing 2013 Package 1

Description and Benefits:  Street resurfacing improves ride quality, reduces street maintenance expenses and serves as a means of renewing and prolonging the life of roads and highways. The work consists of milling the existing pavement, overlaying with new asphalt and replacing curbs and sidewalks, only as necessary, in order to accommodate new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps. Plans call for partial depth pavement repair only as needed. Fifty-five percent of typical project costs go toward resurfacing, partial/full depth pavement repairs and curb repairs; 35% for curb ramps and 10% for construction inspection.

Schedule:  Completion is scheduled for spring 2014.
Status:  In construction.

Contact Information:
614 645-3111
Designer: City of Columbus
Construction Contractor: Kokosing Construction Company

The following will be resurfaced in Package 1 :
Aberdeen Avenue, between Cleveland Avenue and McGuffey Road
Americana Court, between Skywae Drive and the end of the court to the west
Ballymead Boulevard, between Frantz Road and Frantz Road
Barnard Drive, between Seabright Drive and Summit Road Boulevard
Beulah Road, between Oakland Park Avenue and south of Norris Drive
Community Park Drive, between Cleveland Avenue and Corporate Exchange Drive
Curtis Knoll Drive, between Castlebar Lane and Abby Church Road
Dresden Street, between E. Weber Road and Oakland Park Avenue
Goldenrod Drive, between Hillandale Avenue and Laylon Drive
Hanvey Road, between Hillandale Avenue and Schrock Road
Heatherglen Drive, between Dexter Falls Road and Kilconnel Drive
Home Acre Drive, between Newtown Drive and Cleveland Avenue
Justice Avenue, between Skywae Drive and Hillandale Avenue
Kilbannon Way, between Shannon Heights Blvd and west of Longford Drive
Lakehill Court, between Goldenrod Drive and the end of the court to the east
Laylon Drive, between Goldenrod Drive and Lisa Marie Road
Lisa Marie Road, between Laylon Drive and Hillandale Avenue
Loughmoor Drive, between the west end and Ulster Drive
Maidens Larne Drive, between Kilconnel Drive and Heathersglen Drive
Maryhurst Drive, between Essington Drive and Curtis Knoll Drive
McGuffey Road, between Oakland Park Avenue and E. Hudson Street
McIntyre Drive, between Ulster Drive and Loughmoor Drive
Meath Court, between Ulster Drive and the end of the court to the east
Merry Lane, between Skywae Drive and the end of Merry Lane
Minnesota Avenue, between McGuffey Road and Cleveland Avenue
Newtown Drive, between Corporate Exchange Drive and Woodland Trail Drive
Norris Drive, between Beulah Road and Karl Road
Old Shay Court, between Skywae Drive and the end of Old Shay Court
Parkcenter Circle, between north of Tuttle Crossing Blvd and city limits
Saddlehorn Drive, between Dexter Falls Road and west of Baymeadows Court
Seabright Drive, between Plains Boulevard and north Wolverhampton Road
Settlers Road, between Dublin Road and Ballymead Boulevard
Smoky Row Road, between Snouffer Road and south of hard Road
Stygler Road, between Morse Road and Wendler Boulevard
Summit Row Boulevard, between Smoky Row Road and Seabright Drive
Sunbury Road, between McCutcheon Road to Cassady Avenue
Sunbury Road, between Easton Way and Innis Road
Tendril Court, between Skywae Drive and the end of the court
Thatcher Drive, between West Case Road and Castlerbar Lane
Torreys Place, between Barnard Drive and the end of Torreys Place
Ulster Drive, between Kilbannon Way and McIntyre Drive
Weldon Avenue, between Hamilton Avenue and Cleveland Avenue
Willington Drive, between Riverside Green and Cranston Drive