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Information about Resurfacing 2013 Package 3

Resurfacing 2013 Package 3

Description and Benefits:  Street resurfacing improves ride quality, reduces street maintenance expenses and serves as a means of renewing and prolonging the life of roads and highways. The work consists of milling the existing pavement, overlaying with new asphalt and replacing curbs and sidewalks, only as necessary, in order to accommodate new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant curb ramps. Plans call for partial depth pavement repair only as needed.  Fifty-five percent of typical project costs go toward resurfacing, partial/full depth pavement repairs and curb repairs; 35% for curb ramps and 10% for construction inspection.

Schedule:  Completion is scheduled for summer 2014.
Status:  Construction began in August 2013.

Contact Information:
614 645-3111
Designer: City of Columbus
Construction Contractor: Shelly Company

The following will be resurfaced in Package 3:
Alta View Boulevard, between Dearborn Park Lane and Hillborn Drive
Bethel Road, between Bentley Lane and Olentangy River Road
Broad Street, between Grubb Street and bridge over the Scioto River
Chiswick Court, between Northgate Road and Chiswick Court
Clement Drive, between Worthington-Galena Road and Tranquil Drive
Clivdon Road, between Northgate Road and the west term
Edgecote Court, between Northgate Road and Edgecote Court
Feder Road, between 250' west of Thornapple Grove and Hilliard Rome Road
E. Fifth Avenue, between Gould Road and Hamilton Road
W. Fifth Avenue, between Glenn Avenue and Oxley Road
Granby Meadows Drive, between White Water Boulevard and Park Road
Grandview Avenue, between 159' north of Watermark Drive and 200' south of Dublin Road
Hardy Parkway, at Frank Road
Hayden Run Road, between the Bridge over Hayden Run and Dexter Falls Road
High Street, between Fulton Street and Nationwide Boulevard
Hillborn Drive, between Alta View Boulevard and White Water Boulevard
Northgate Road, between Clivdon Road and Greensward Road
Olentangy River Road, between 410' south of Bethel Road and 360" north of Bethel Road
Olentangy River Road, between Thomas Lane and Henderson Road
Osborn Avenue, between E. Fifth Avenue and E. Seventh Avenue
E. Seventh Avenue, between Stelzer Road and E. 5th Avenue
Sullivant Avenue, between Galloway Road and Norton Road
White Water Boulevard, between Sancus Boulevard and the west terminus
Williams Road, between 20' east of Henderson Road and Hamilton Road
Williams Road, between the bridge over Big Walnut and 312' east of Walnut Crossing