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Simple steps you can take at home to  prevent water pollution .

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Watershed Signage

Signage installed at Griggs, O'Shaughnessy & Hoover Reservoirs invites park visitors to  take a self-guided tour along the shoreline & learn about the green infrastructure installed there.

Rain gardens, porous pavement & more can improve the quality of storm water entering the reservoirs that supply our drinking water.

Non-point Source Pollution

Stormwater Runoff

Protect our Waterways
Illustration Courtesy of NCDENR

Reservoir Neighbor Communications

View a Landowner/Stewardship Program Update

The Land Stewardship Program protects reservoir shorelines while providing contiguous landowners with a means to access the city-owned land surrounding the drinking water reservoirs. Through August 23, 2019, we invite you to review the updated draft standards and provide comments and feedback.

Download a copy of the final draft  Reservoir Land Stewardship Design Standards.

Download a copy of the  Reservoir Stewardship Program Update FAQs for New and Current Program Participants

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Other Communications and Links: 
Stewardship Update: Letter to Residents July 2019
City of Columbus et al vs. State of Ohio 2/19/2019
Land Stewardship Fact & FAQs
 October 2018 
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Interim Land Stewardship Program Guidelines:
As the city strives to establish reservoir buffers consisting of mature trees and understory, consideration has been given to allow access paths & view corridors which do not compromise reservoir water quality nor greatly impact riparian habitat. 

Review the Guidelines:
Access Paths
View Corridors
Invasive Plant Management

Land Stewardship Public Meeting
A public meeting was held on October 30, 2013, regarding the city’s Land Stewardship Agreement program for residents who live adjacent to the city’s three drinking water reservoirs.

View the presentation
View the Invitation to Residents
View the Meeting Summary

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