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Success Stories: Kimberly Baillieul

GIS Analyst
Division of Traffic Management

Kimberly Baillieul Selfie

At age 12 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, having a blood sugar of 836. Throughout the years, my control has varied from okay to excellent. I have managed to do half marathons, travel and live abroad, and complete graduate school all while also managing my diabetes.

Over a decade ago, I met my now-husband. Though he was familiar with T1D, he didn’t realize the extensive care that went into it on a daily basis - at the time, I took 10-12 insulin injections daily. Instead of proposing with a ring, he gave me an insulin pump. I said yes J

My two biggest diabetic achievements are having my two sons. Throughout both pregnancies, I worked hard to maintain near-perfect blood sugars so my A1C was around 5.1 for both. It wasn’t easy, but keeping my sons healthy was more than enough motivation.

As my elder son became older, I realized that every resource out there involved kids who HAVE diabetes, but that didn’t fully apply to our family. How could I explain that I wasn’t a ‘mean mama’ for not sharing my juice box during a low blood sugar? This is how my book, Mommy Beeps, came to be. I worked with an illustrator in CA, and because I just wanted it out there for the T1D community – I self-published through Amazon KDP.

I do my best with my T1D and am grateful I have had no complications. Just bear with me should I start beeping during a meeting!

To order Kimberly's book, please visit the link here. Diabetes Daily also featured Kimberly in an online article here