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Member Agencies Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein
Columbus City Council 
Columbus City Fire and EMS
Columbus City Mayor Andrew J. Ginther
Columbus City Police Department
Columbus Public Health Department
Franklin County Children’s Services
Franklin County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board
Franklin County Commissioner’s Office
Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs 
Franklin County Public Health
Franklin County Sheriff’s Department
Whitehall Fire Department and EMS

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The collaborative effort and structured work of all subcommittees create a collective impact approach to achieve the goals of the Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan (C&FCAP) to 1.Decrease Overdoses by 15%, 2.Decrease Overdose Deaths by 15% and 3.Decrease incidences of Infectious Disease by 10%. Outcome measures for the work completed by each subcommittee are collected, tracked, and reported on an quarterly basis.  

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C&FCAP Organizational Structure



Ways to get involved

  • Attend subcommittee meetings
  • Be an active participant (join an sub group of committee)
  • Sign up for SOAR emergency alerts
  • Give feedback
  • Share work being done with peers
  • Confirm that organization will partner in disseminating surge or emergency notification messaging.
  • Provide agency community response to messaging ( ie. post on webpags, waiting room monitors etc..)

Education and Prevention

Education & Prevention Mission: To work in partnership with community agencies and members to create, develop and implement evidence based prevention strategies related to addiction.

Healthcare and Risk Reduction

Healthcare & Risk Reduction Mission: To advance harm reduction principles in community and hospital settings, practices and programs.

Public Safety

Public Safety Mission: To promote effective approaches for first responders and criminal justice representatives as they interact with individuals with substance use disorder and behavioral health issues.

Faith and Community

Faith & Community Mission: To change the culture of how faith based communities approach addiction and recovery.

Treatment and Recovery

Treatment & Recovery Mission: To support individuals and families through treatment and recovery through a supportive system of care with the recognition that treatment & recovery supports are not separate events but an integrated process of care throughout one’s life.

Data Collection

Data Collection & Analysis Mission: To establish a data collection process and data repository for all subcommittees.