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Success Story: Sean Fouts

Department of Finance
Purchasing Manager

Sean Fouts

On New Year's Day 2009 I decided it was finally time to lose the extra weight I was carrying around.  At first, I simply tried to eat more sensible portions and exercise a bit more.  It worked for a little bit and I lost 6 pounds or so.  But because I had no real system, I was able to cheat.  I remember going to dinner with my wife for Valentine's Day and pigging out.  The next morning I weighed myself and wasn't happy with the number I saw. 

That's when I found the "Lose It" app on the iPod Touch.  It's a program where you log in every calorie you eat during the day. It forced me to plan my meals and I couldn't cheat without admitting it to myself.  By September of 2009, I had lost over 40 pounds.  It wasn't easy to do, but the plan was simple.  I feel so much better and am very happy I did it.