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Simple steps you can take at home to  prevent water pollution .

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Watershed Signage

Signage installed at Griggs, O'Shaughnessy & Hoover Reservoirs invites park visitors to  take a self-guided tour along the shoreline & learn about the green infrastructure installed there.

Rain gardens, porous pavement & more can improve the quality of storm water entering the reservoirs that supply our drinking water.

Non-point Source Pollution

Stormwater Runoff

Protect our Waterways
Illustration Courtesy of NCDENR

Keeping Wildlife Wild - Minimizing Goose Overpopulation

goslingsSteps to Minimize Canada Goose Overpopulation:
The overabundance of resident Canada Geese did not happen overnight and reducing their population is a multi-step process. Here's what we're doing to help:

• Habitat Modification
• Public Education
• Signage
• Fence Barriers
• ODNR Permitted Controls

Habitat Modification
By mowing less and allowing taller grass to establish along shorelines, geese do not feel as welcome. Taller grass impedes a goose’s ability to exit the water.

Public Education
Most people are unaware of the damaging effects of feeding wildlife. Watershed Rangers and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife can provide information to help people understand why they should not feed wild animals.

Do Not FeedSignage
Posting of “No Feeding” signs in key spots will address the most problematic areas where feeding usually occurs.

Fence Barriers
Some areas of the park have been so decimated by the geese it is necessary to fence them off to allow vegetation to regrow.

ODNR Permitted Habitat Control
Working under a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, authorized personnel can use non-lethal scare tactics and biological controls, which do not harm the geese.

For more information on the negative effects of feeding waterfowl, contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife at 614-644-3925.

Though they may be irresistibly cute, do NOT feed the wildlife. Wild animals are well adapted at finding food and surviving on their own. Furthermore, feeding them actually causes numerous problems.  - learn more