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In 2014, Columbus City Councilmember Priscilla Tyson and Franklin County Commissioner John O’Grady partnered to launch the Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan, a community planning effort to create a stronger, more sustainable local food system. Local Matters, a non-profit organization was engaged by the City to ensure robust community participation and feedback in the process.

The Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan provides common goals and actions to unify efforts in growing, processing, transporting, selling, consuming and disposing of food. The Plan seeks to address inequalities in access to healthy food, affordable food, and local food.



NEW THIS YEAR! The Local Food Action Plan  - 2022 Annual Report has three parts:
- 2022 LFAP Annual Report - Executive Summary 
- 2022 LFAP Annual Report - Community Updates 
- Interactive StoryMap with videos, photos, and interviews from the community

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Why a Local Food Action Plan?

Strengthening the local food system will improve community health, the economy and the environment.

A stronger and more efficient local food system will ensure more residents have access to healthy, affordable food, create and support jobs, reduce our dependence on food from other regions, and use less energy and reduce waste.

The Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan helps to establish priorities for city and county funding initiatives. The plan will also better position the City, County and community organizations for future grant opportunities.

Vision & Goals

The vision of the Local Food Action Plan is to create a fair and sustainable food system that benefits our economy, our environment, and all people. The Plan has four goal areas, and 27 actions to help achieve the mission. These goals are:

A. Enhance coordination and communication among existing food resources and agencies
B. Improve access to and education about healthy food, affordable food, and local food
C. Increase the role of food in economic development
D. Prevent food-related waste


Save More Than Food

Save More Than Food Did you know that every day in Central Ohio nearly 1 million pounds of food enters the landfill? We believe that when food goes to waste, so does all the time, resources and money that went into growing and distributing it. But together, we can make a difference. That’s why we’ve joined Save More Than Food and SWACO to cut food waste in half by 2030. Watch this video to learn more, and visit the campaign website for more information on how you can help.

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Growing Food in Columbus View and download the Growing Food in Columbus Urban Agriculture Fact Sheet. Click Here

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Columbus Season Extension Structure Guidance View and download the Columbus Season Extension Structure Guidance Document. Click here

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Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan View and download the full Columbus & Franklin County Local Food Action Plan. Download here

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Plan Executive SUmmary View and download the plan executive summary. Download here

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