Commission Contact Lori Baudro, MCRP/MA
Public Art Coordinator
Phone: 614-645-6986
Email: [email protected]

Columbus Art Commission

The Columbus Art Commission hearing scheduled for this evening, January 19, has been canceled. The next hearing is scheduled for 4:30, February 16 in the commission hearing room at 111 N. Front Street.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

For questions or more information please contact Lori Baudro, Commission staff at 614-645-6986.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Beginning on July 1, 2021, all commission and board meetings staffed by the Planning Division will return to meeting in-person. Members of the public wishing to address a commission or board will be required to attend the meeting in-person. Hearings may be live streamed at

For additional information and to learn how to participate, visit

The Columbus Art Commission (CAC) was established by Columbus City Code: Chapter 3115. CAC members serve without compensation and are appointed by the mayor with the approval of council. The primary role of the CAC is to approve all art purchased, commissioned, or accepted as a gift by the City, as well as all art proposed for placement anywhere within the Public Right of Way or on property owned or leased by the City. CAC approval is also necessary before any art subject to their approval can be in any way altered or removed.

Click here to see the Columbus Art Commission bylaws.

The starting time of the Columbus Art Commission (CAC) hearings, scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month, has been changed from 5:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., until further notice. Meetings are held when applications have been received for review or there are other matters requiring CAC consideration. Please contact Art Commission staff to confirm that a meeting will be held or for any additional information at [email protected].

The Christopher Columbus Statue Committee meeting for September 9 has been canceled. If the September meeting is rescheduled before the next scheduled CCSC meeting on October 8 a notice will be posted in the City Bulletin and on the Columbus Art Commission web page.

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