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Animal & Insects

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Animal Program and Rabies
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Mosquitos and Rats
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Mosquito/Insect Control
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Mosquito Tracking Results

Columbus Public Health (CPH) monitors mosquitoes to track (surveillance) the size of mosquito populations and to check for the presence of disease.  Surveillance is key to a well defined integrated pest management program: determining the need to conduct control operations, providing the information necessary to prioritize control treatment plans, and studying the efficacy of those control operations.  Columbus Public Health takes proactive approach to mosquito management by performing weekly adult mosquito surveillance and testing. 

Mosquitoes are tested for the West Nile Virus. Below are links to monitoring results for this season. 

Please click for mosquito trapping results.

Mosquito Surveillance Map -
See map below for the trapping areas for Columbus and Worthington to see what areas are included in the listed tracking results.