Sewage Treatment Systems for Homeowners

Information for Homeowners

Owning a household sewage treatment system is a financial investment in your property.  Proper operation and maintenance of your system is important to make sure it operates effectively and efficiently for many years and does not create nuisance conditions, contaminate drinking water resources, or allow for sewage to back up into your home.

Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29

The latest statewide Sewage Treatment System (STS) rules have been in effect since of January 1, 2015.

Homeowner Resources

STS Facts

STS Components, Systems, and Maintenance - Information that may assist you in exploring the various Sewage Treatment System (STS) types and technologies.  Brief descriptions are provided on each system type that you may have on your property and general maintenance that is required.  Homeowners can also contact their system manufacturer for more specific descriptions/facts.

US EPA - Septic Smart - Extensive Resources about STSs and proper maintenance can be found through the US EPA Septic Smart Program.

Forms, Contractor Lists, & Fact Sheets

Request a Health Department Evaluation/Inspection of your Sewage Treatment System (Real Estate Transactions)

Registered Contractors with Columbus Public Health

Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Report & Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Site Layout (Please Complete Both Forms for STS Abandonment)

Sewage Treatment System and Flooding

Columbus Public Health's Operation and Maintenance Program for Household Sewage Treatment Systems

In the City of Columbus and Worthington, for your system to meet the operation permit requirement, you must choose one of the two options below.  The length of your permit will be dependent upon your type of STS.

Option One:  Proof of Service Contract

You have the option to demonstrate the required maintenance of your sewage treatment system in place of a health department inspection.  For this option you must obtain a service contract with a registered sewage treatment system service provider and submit the following paperwork to Columbus Public Health.

  • Completed Permit Option Selection Form
  • Copy of your Service Contract with a registered STS service provider that must:
    • State that a minimum of one system assessment/evaluation will be conducted by the service provider during the permit period (January 1st - December 31st)
  • Permit fee: None

Option Two: Columbus Public Health Inspection

For this option a health department inspection of the STS will be conducted as part of the permit fee.  By selecting this option the property owner must submit the following.

  • Completed Permit Option Selection Form
  • Permit fee: See Fee Schedule (check made payable to Columbus City Treasurer)