2021 City Leaders Graduation

Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp Registration

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The City Leaders Program Program Director - Sheri-Lynn Wynn

1111 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 645-3330
[email protected]

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City Leaders 2021/2022 Academy ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
The ideal candidate for the program should exhibit leadership abilities at school and within the community, exhibit great behavior and really want to be part of this great opportunity. Selection criteria is as follows:

•Must be a city of Columbus resident (If you are currently receiving City of Columbus trash and recycling services, you are eligible).
•Must be entering the 6th-8th grade in Fall 2021.
•Only one child per household is eligible.
•Must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in school (an updated grade card must be submitted each grading period). Students who will enter the 6th grade in the fall may also submit a report card and a letter from a teacher or administrator verifying it equates to a 3.0 GPA. This may not be possible this year until school begins; it must be part of the participant’s file.
•If possible, submission of a letter from a teacher or administrator acknowledging the youth’s leadership abilities should accompany the application. If this is not available, please submit a letter from a community leader; this could be a letter from a civic group or from clergy.
•A parent/guardian must approve participation by fully completing all paperwork and agreeing to comply with program guidelines as well as attending the mandatory orientation with their child.
•The selection process also includes a one-on-one personal interview between the applicant and program coordinator(s) during the orientation session.
•Students must submit two written essays (see instructions on application) in response to questions on leadership.
•The entire year (August–April) which includes the “boot camp,” equates to a total of 61 hours; a minimum of 55 hours are required to graduate. The boot camp is mandatory; youth cannot miss more than two City Leaders Academy sessions throughout the entire year. If a youth misses more than two sessions, they will not be able to graduate from the Academy. It’s very important that you check your calendars before applying. Youth participation is imperative and we rely on parents to get them to all meetings and events.

What is the City Leaders Program? This program was established to develop the city leaders of tomorrow by providing an orientation of the city of Columbus to include science, technology, arts, history, education, health & nutrition, social services, law enforcement, safety, government, economic development and community service through hands-on learning opportunities, meetings and mentoring by current city leadership. The hope is the selection process will render a very diverse group of forward-thinking children, eager to learn all about their city.

Who is eligible for the City Leaders Program? This leadership opportunity is open to city of Columbus middle school age children (6th-8th grades and ages 10-15). Academy nomination forms will be distributed through the schools, recreation centers, social media and other youth serving agencies beginning in April each year. Applicants will need the recommendation of an administrator or teacher to be considered. In addition to maintaining a 3.0 grade point average, applicants will also be asked to select one of the pillars of leadership and write an essay.

What are the goals of the City Leaders Program? Introduce middle school age children (age 10-15) each year to the Discovering Columbus Summer Camp and the school year City Leaders Academy. Participants will see an improvement in their public speaking skills, facilitation skills, teamwork, community awareness and overall leadership attitude by the end of the school year. The greatest goal is to display how great the city of Columbus is and impart a sense of pride so these children remain in the city of Columbus to be the next wave of city leadership.

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