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The City Leaders Program Program Director - Sheri-Lynn Wynn
Program Coordinator - Annette "CeCe" Harris
1111 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 645-3330

City Leaders Deadlines and upcoming meeting dates have changed: Notification of acceptance into City Leaders Academy Class of 2017 has changing from Friday, June 24th to Friday, July 15th. 
Parent Orientation date has changed from Wednesday, July 20th to Wednesday, August 10th.   
Any further questions, please contact Sheri-Lynn Wynn (Program Director) at or (614) 645-3330.

What is the City Leaders Program? This program was established  to develop the city leaders of tomorrow by providing an orientation of the City of Columbus to include Science, Technology, Arts, History, Education, Health & Nutrition, Social Services, Law Enforcement, Safety, Government, Economic Development and Community Service through hands-on learning opportunities and meetings and mentoring by current city leadership. The hope is the selection process will render a very diverse group of forward-thinking children, eager to learn all about their city. 

Who is eligible for the City Leaders Program? This leadership opportunity is open to CITY OF COLUMBUS middle school age children, grades 6-8 and ages 10-15. Academy nomination forms will be distributed through the schools, recreation centers, social media and other youth serving agencies beginning in April each year. Applicants will need the  recommendation of  an administrator or teacher to be considered.  In addition to maintaining a 3.0 grade point average, applicants will also be asked to select one of the pillars of leadership and write an essay. 

What are the goals of the City Leaders Program? Introduce up to 20 middle school age children (age 10-15) each year to the Discovering Columbus Summer Camp and the school year City Leaders Academy.  We should see improvement in their public speaking skills, facilitation skills, teamwork, community awareness and overall leadership attitude by  the end of the school year.  The greatest goal is to display how great the City of Columbus is and impart a sense of pride so these children remain in the City of Columbus to be the next wave of city leadership.
The City Leaders will be divided into groups and work on a leadership project to promote both individual growth as well as foster team building.  These projects will be presented at their graduation in May.