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Olentangy Trail

 Olentangy Trail Completion Alternative Selected

Olentangy Trail Update about Northmoor Park to Clinton-Como Park

The design of the Olentangy Trail between Clinton-Como Park and Northmoor Park has been under development since the announcement of the preferred alternative last April.

This includes completing detailed field survey work, soil borings, coordinating with adjacent property owners and preparing a preliminary plan that includes a refined alignment for the trail.

Refined Alignment Details

This new map shows the proposed trail and the refined alignment. The refined alignment includes shifting the southern bridge crossing of the Olentangy River at Clinton-Como Park. The eastern end of the proposed bridge was shifted 140 feet further south, compared with the original option from April 2021.

The adjustment was made to:

  1. Address public comments received about the right angle turns at both ends of the bridge by creating more gentle curves approaching the diagonal crossing.
  2. Reduce impacts to trees along the river bank and the ballfield at Clinton-Como Park.

North Broadway Crosswalk Updates

As part of the trail’s refinements, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department has continued to coordinate with Columbus Department of Public Service on the North Broadway crosswalk. Several features have been added to the proposed crossing to enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists:

  1. A raised concrete median is proposed in the existing striped area of the North Broadway pavement, with a pass through for the crosswalk. This will make the crosswalk more visible to motorists, allow for a refuge space for users crossing the street and help reduce vehicle speeds.
  2. Additional warning signage and pavement markings, such as “Crosswalk Ahead,” will be posted in advance of the intersection and at the crosswalk itself to increase its visibility to approaching traffic. Signal modifications are also being analyzed to provide “No Turn on Red” signals when activated by trail users.
  3. Pedestrian plaza spaces will be added on both sides of the crossing to provide ample visibility and queuing areas for cyclists, walkers and runners.


At this time, the project is on schedule for construction to begin in 2024. 


Olentangy Trail Alternative
When complete, this project will close the final gap of the Olentangy Trail and enhance connectivity for thousands of walkers, cyclists and runners.

Olentangy Trail Completion Online Public Meeting - Jan. 21, 2021
The City of Columbus and its partners are evaluating options to complete the Olentangy Trail by connecting Clinton-Como and Northmoor Parks with a dedicated, 0.6 mile shared use path.



The Olentangy Trail offers a seamless route from Worthington to downtown Columbus. This trail winds through several neighborhoods along the Olentangy River, with trailheads at several major city parks, including Antrim Park and Whetstone Park. The path also travels through the heart of the Ohio State University campus.


Worthington Hills Park, Olentangy River Parklands, Antrim Park, Whetstone Park, Northmoor Park, Clinton-Como Park, Tuttle Park (OSU Campus) & Confluence Parkland.


Olentangy Greenway Trail Map (North Section) 

Olentangy Greenway Trail Map (South Section)

Olentangy Waterway Trail Brochure


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