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Frequently Asked Questions


What programs/facilities are open?  

Our department continues to place priority in keeping Columbus residents safe and healthy during the public health emergency. At this time, all programs, facilities, parks, trails and golf courses are open to the public. Registration is required to participate in programs and activities, and reservations are required for facility rentals. Participants/users must follow department safety guidelines and protocols, which are developed under the guidance of Columbus Public Health. For more information, click here or call 614-645-3330 and select option 3. 

Are playgrounds open?

Yes, our playgrounds are open for people to use. It is important for residents to follow all safety protocols – practice social distancing, clean your hands often with soap and water or hand sanitizer, and stay home if you are not feeling well.  

How do I register my child for an Active Learning Site?

For more information about Active Learning Sites, visit Register via Activenet at  

My event/class/camp was canceled. How do I find out the status of my refund?

We understand that residents need access to their funds and make every effort to get refunds processed as quickly as possible. For details about cancelations and refunds related to COVID-19, click here.


Where can I get a free mask? Where can I get free produce?

We have weekly produce drops available at our community centers from February-November. For more information and a full list of dates, visit 

Is it safe for staff to work?

Yes. We have developed strong safety protocols to keep staff and residents safe. We continue to monitor guidance as well as our work processes to ensure our protocols are up to date and staff are following them. 


General Questions


Do I have to be a resident of Columbus to participate in programs?

Columbus Recreation and Parks does not have a residency requirement to participate. Everyone is welcome! 

Where can I find out information about my local park?

Please visit our Parks page for information about all Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s parks. 

Who can I contact to get my child signed up for a Columbus Recreation and Parks Department youth sports league?

Call our Sports Office at 614-645-3366. Our team will help you find a league at the Community Center in your neighborhood or at another one of our locations that offers options that work for your family. You can also view our youth sports league options via Activenet, our online registration portal. 

Who can I call to find out if my softball game or other sports activity has been rained out?

With over 50,000 people playing softball in our department's leagues, this is one of our most frequently asked questions! That is why we've given this one question its own phone number: (614) 645-RAIN (7246). If you call after 4:30 PM on your game day, the recording will tell you which games have been cancelled. Game-day cancelations can also be found at 

Where can I play pickleball in Columbus?

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department manages 118 pickleball courts (60 indoors and 58 outdoors) at 35 locations throughout our city, including three dedicated courts at Marion Franklin Community Center. There’s sure to be one near you. Download the Pickleball Resource Guide for full details about when and where you can join in the fun! 

What is the distance of my local walking path near my neighborhood?

For information on our park walking paths, click here.  

I need to have a tree removed/a tree has fallen in my neighborhood. Who do I contact?

For the removal of city trees or any other forestry-related concerns, contact the City 311 Service Center at 614-645-3111 or visit Our team will work to assist you as quickly as possible. 

Who do I talk to about cleanup at one of your water reservoirs?

Issues related to our reservoirs are handled through Columbus Public Utilities, Watershed Management Division. Many answers can be found on their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page online at You can also e-mail Watershed Management for more information.

Who do I contact about using the Columbus Aquatics Center or signing up for swim lessons?

Contact the Columbus Aquatics Center directly by calling 614-645-6122 for more details or visiting their webpage here. 

Where can I go swimming in a Columbus lake? 

No swimming is allowed in any of our park ponds, lakes, rivers or reservoirs. 

Can you give me information about a metro park?

The City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks are two separate organizations. Any questions about metro parks should be directed to their team. Contact them at 614-891-0700 or visit their website at 

How do I get more information about programs and services offered through the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department?

For more information about our programs and services, call 614-645-3300 (select option 3) and our staff will assist you with your request. You can also find helpful details by clicking the links below:

Community Centers

Department Programs

Online Registration  




How do I reserve a shelter house or wedding site for my special celebration (wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc.)?

Please visit our rentals website at or call 614-645-3337. Reservations are accepted up to one year (365 days) in advance.


How do I reserve an athletic field, facility or court?

Please visit our Sports Office website at or call 614-645-3366.


How do I host an event or program in a community center?

To inquire about a recreation center, please contact the center directly.


How do I apply for a Special Event Permit for my festival, concert, fundraising walk, race or marine event?

Please visit the Office of Special Events website at or call 614-645-3800 to learn more about hosting an event in Columbus.


How do I apply for a residential Block Party Permit?

Please visit the Office of Special Events website at or call 614-645-3800 to learn more about hosting a block party in your neighborhood.


Do I need a permit for my small neighborhood park event?

Please visit the Office of Special Events website at or call 614-645-3800 to learn more about hosting an event in your neighborhood park.


Do I need a permit to film in a park or on public street?

Please visit the Office of Special Events website at or call 614-645-3800 to learn more about the permitting requirements for commercial filming and photo shoots in Columbus.


How do I apply for a Parade Permit?


Please visit the Department of Public Safety - License Section website at or call 614-645-4375.


Have any questions and/or comments for us?

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