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History: 1910-1929

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History: 1910-1929

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1910 July 15

  • City Council passed Ordinance No. 25336 establishing The Columbus Department of Recreation with initial operating budget of $6000. Edward S. Martin appointee First Secretary, supervising 10 playgrounds, civic fields, bathing beaches, grammar schools’ and outdoor sports program.

    Five Community Recreation Centers opened between 1910 and 1912, including one in City Hall Auditorium, one in an abandoned public market and one in Schiller Park shelter house.


  • Nelson Park
    Nelson Park
    Donated to City by Nelson Family.


  • Wolfe Park
    Wolfe Park
    41 Acres donated by Robert F. Wolfe or a public park.


  • City owned 9 parks with a budget of $5,516.00 that included $304.17 to spend on horse feed.

1914 – 1917 WWI

  • Great Flood devastated the City
    Downtown Columbus riverfront re-developed with: Construction of floodwall City Beautiful movement influences downtown development.


  • Glen Echo Park
    Glen Echo Park
    9 summer playgrounds with total attendance of 87,697
    Population of Columbus 237,031
    280 Acres of parkland


  • 1st Municipal Golf Course opened next to Dublin Road water plant. 9 hole course expanded to 18 holes in 1927. Renamed Twin Rivers Golf Course in 1933.
  • Franklinton Cemetery
    1799 cemetery for pioneers, Revolution and Civil War vets. Obelisk erected in 1931. Ground penetrating radar used to identify grave sites in 2009.


  • Columbus Zoo opened at present location.
  • Westgate Park
    Westgate Park Fountain
    Site of Camp Chase during Civil War that housed and trained Union soldiers.
    Commemorated by annual bean dinner.
    2009 Mural painted to depict history on wall of handball courts.

    23 Summer Playgrounds
    Total Attendance 396,402


  • Beatty Recreation Center
    Beatty Recreation Center Basketball
  • Fifteen indoor/winter Recreation Centers opened Nine in school buildings, two in settlement houses and four city owned facilities.
  • Basketball was the most popular activity in the Centers at the time.
  • Handiwork classes for women
  • Three baseball leagues with 16 teams
  • 42 softball leagues with 199 teams
  • 31 basketball leagues with 218 teams
  • 29 Summer Playgrounds offered  games such as horseshoes and sewing classes

1927 Griggs Reservoir

  • Indian Village Day Camp opened to provide camp experience for inner city children. 839 children spent 3 day periods over 9 weeks 90 cents per child including transportation.
    Indian Village A  Indian Village B


  • Maryland Pool
    Maryland Pool
    Pool and bathhouse built in 3 weeks

    Maryland Pool was given to City as a gift by the Columbus Dispatch. At that time adult admission was 15 cents and children 10 cents.

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