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Critical Observation Report

Certain structures within the downtown area are subject to reporting requirements meant to enhance the level of protection to pedestrian traffic. A Critical Observation Report (COR) is required every 5 years for downtown buildings that are:

1) 20 years old or older, and
2) Located within 10 feet of a public right-of-way, pedestrian walkway or plaza

Buildings 3 stories or taller require that the observation report be conducted by, or under the direct supervision of, an architect or engineer who specializes in structural engineering.

The COR should document in detail the findings such that a review of successive reports will clearly demonstrate changes in the condition of exterior walls of the building and any adjoining structures. Please refer to Columbus City Code section 4109.073 for more information regarding this requirement.

Critical Observation Representative: Lois Bruce    
Office: 614-645-8635

Significant Codes
Critical Observation Report - This form can be accessed by clicking here.
City Council Code and Charter: 4109.073 / 4109.75 / 4109.077
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