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JET Task Force


The JET Task Force was created in April 2014 to build on one of our community's strongest assets, Port Columbus.  Comprised of leaders from the business, economic development and transportation sectors, the task force will focus on how best to redefine our airport as an economic hub and the center of transportation for the region.  Three working groups will focus on the areas of Economic Development, Regional Transportation and Air Service.  The Task Force is working to issue a report and recommendations to the city and its regional project partners: the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and Franklin County. 

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JET Final Report

On February 25, 2015, the JET Task Force discussed and adopted the Final Report of Key Findings and Recommendations with addition of two recommendations as outlined in the JET Chair Memorandum.   The Task Force also provided staff with several instructions to finalize and circulate the report.  Staff will execute these instructions in the coming weeks.

To review the Chair’s Memorandum and Final Report and Working group reports, please see the following links: 

JET Transmittal Letter
JET Report
Air Services Working Group Report
Regional Transportation Working Group Report
Economic Development Working Group Report

Development Opportunities
Opportunity Site Maps

JET Task Force Kickoff Meeting 04/11/14
JET Task Force Meeting 06/06/14
JET Task Force Meeting 08/15/14
JET Task Force Meeting 09/26/14
JET Task Force Meeting 10/31/14
JET Task Force Meeting 2/25/15

Task Force Members
• Dan Rosenthal, Milestone Aviation Group, Task Force Chairman
• Ted Adams, L Brands
• Elizabeth Blount McCormick, Uniglobe Travel Designers
• Kacey Brankamp, Create Columbus Commission
• Jean Carter-Ryan, Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority
• Geoffrey Chatas, Ohio State University
• Michael Dalby, Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce
• Michael Johnson, East Columbus Civic Association
• Stephen Lyons, Columbus Partnership
• Jolene Molitoris, US Railcar 
• William Murdock, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
• Mark Patton, Jobs Ohio
• Anthony Precourt, Columbus Crew
• Jonathan Ramsden, Abercrombie & Fitch

Working Groups/Resources and Meeting Notes
     • Economic Development
       JET Economic Development Working Group Intro 5-30-14
    JET Task Force ED report 6-6-14
       JET Task Force ED report 8-14-14
     • Regional Transportation Center
        JET Transportation Center Working Group 5-30-14
        JET-Transportation Working Group Update 7-7-14 
       JET Task Force - Transportation Presentation 8-15-14
     • Air Service
        Air Service Opportunities 5-14-14
        JET Task Force- Air Services Working Group 5-22-14
        JET Air Services 6-6-14

Reports and Resources
Port Columbus Area Development Partnership Joint ED Strategy
East Columbus Neighborhood Plan
Northern Indiana/Ohio Passenger Rail Corridor Feasibility Study and Business Plan Executive Summary

Inquiries and Suggestion
To submit inquires or suggestions regarding work of the JET Task Force, please email us at [email protected].

News Media Inquiries
For news media inquiries regarding the JET Task Force, please contact Jessica Trajanovski at  [email protected] or 614-233-2323.