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The Community Resilience Coalition includes members of the community who believe that when trauma happens to one, it happens to all. We support, educate, and engage community organizations who serve Columbus including mental health providers, community organizations, city government, and community activists. Collectively, our work will increase sensitivity, awareness and build resilience in neighborhoods and families.

We help Columbus become a Trauma Informed Community. We envision neighborhoods that embrace and understand the impact of trauma from schools to libraries, our community will be able to identify and intervene when trauma occurs to promote healing and resiliency.



Work Group 1: Community Outreach We are here to usher in an new era of community connectedness and advancement like never before. Join our full Coalition meetings or join us for one of our community meetings. Learn more.


Work Group 2: Community Trauma Response Team The Community Trauma Response Team (CTRT) is a crisis intervention group which will be overseeing the  process of providing trauma informed post- crisis services within the community within 48 hours of an incident.  Learn more.

CARE Empowerment

Work Group 3: Networking We create opportunities to interact and be more aware of what others are doing around Columbus related to Trauma Work. Learn more.


Work Group 4: Trauma Training This group works on providing trauma informed trainings in Columbus to help our community be more aware of trauma and its impact. The group has explored what trauma related trainings are available in Columbus and identified a specific training certification to support future training efforts.  


Work Group 5: Outcomes This group's goal is quantify the work of the coalition, administer the CARE Community Trauma & Resilience Survey, analyze the results, and ensure its findings are considered in the coalitions strategic plan. Learn more.