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History: 1950-1959

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History: 1950-1959

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  • Population of Columbus 503,410
    James A. Rhodes, Mayor of Columbus.

    $1.5 million bond issue passes
    Park of Roses Plan

    Whetstone Park
    Dedicated on May 28
    Whetstone Dedication



  • Arts and Crafts Center opened in remodeled firehouse on Oak.
    Arts and Crafts Center
  • Tree Commission established

    4 shelter houses built:
    Southview (Berliner) Park
    Shelter house


  • Whetstone Park of Roses
    Park of Roses designed by George Tobey, ASLA, Professor at OSU. It was dedicated on September 13 of that year with 13.5 acres planted and 30,000 roses.
    Park of Roses 2


  • American Rose Society moves to Park of Roses Memorial Day Opening Weekend: 8,000 attended and on July 4, total attendance of 10,000. Maiden of Roses Pageant inaugurated to promote the park and provide scholarships -Discontinued in 1975.
    Park of Roses 1

    Municipal Nursery first year of Operation: plants 11,685 trees and shrubs.

    Maintenance of playgrounds transferred to Parks and Forestry from Department of Recreation.
    79 ball diamonds and maintenance of the archery range in Whetstone Park.


  • Parks Commission formed to advise superintendent on Park Operations removed the responsibility from Public Service.

    Population of Columbus 425,000; 2,246 acres of parkland.
    Senior Center 2


  • First Senior Recreation Center opens in basement of Old Memorial Hall.
    Senior Center 3


  • Fun for Everyone
    First airing of Recreation Department’s long running half hour TV show.
    Dancing Show

  • Southview Park
    I-71 freeway divided park
    Ballfields left on west side named McCoy Park.
    Southview Park Plans
    Military housing units removed

    1964 Major redevelopment begins. (As seen today.)
    Baseball Game


  • Thompson Recreation Center

    vintage Thompson Recreation Thompson Recreation Center 
    Krum Park Welcome Alaska


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