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Spring/Summer Program Guide

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The above Spring/Summer 2020 Program Guide was created prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Visit for cancelations and schedule updates.

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Hoover Reservoir Park


Hoover Reservoir Park Image 2

7701 Sunbury Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081
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The Hoover Reservoir Park (area) offers over 4,700 acres of peaceful and serene landscape just North of Columbus. The park and lake provide guests with a range of recreational activities from picnicking, hiking, boating and fishing. For the bird watching enthusiasts, the park offers a wide variety of bird types ranging from common to rare. This includes frequent sightings of the American Bald Eagle throughout the year. The reservoir is an important feature for tourism, but also for the water it provides to the city of Columbus. 

1/11/2016 - The boardwalk at Hoover Reservoir near Galena was closed last year due to ice damage and high water levels delayed the repairs. We are proud to report that the boardwalk has been fully repaired and will be able to withstand any further ice damage and will continue to allow our residents to enjoy bird-watching and serene landscape for years to come!

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