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Health Equity Section

Not everyone in Columbus has the same opportunities to be healthy. We see differences in health based on race, ethnicity, sex, neighborhood, income, education, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other factors.

Research has shown that the neighborhood you live in, your access to quality housing, a good job, and a good education have a greater impact on your health than do genetics or access to care.

Columbus Public Health works to address the root causes of health inequities and create opportunities for all people to be healthy. Leading this effort is the Health Equity Section, which includes these program areas.

Healthy Neighborhoods

Healthy Neighborhoods Builds healthy lifestyles through health information, health and wellness events, community education, and community-led committees. - learn more

Columbus Health Advisory Committees

Community Health Advisory Committees Community-led group focused on improving the health of that community through collaboration of health care and community partners.
- learn more

Minority Health

Minority Health Working to eliminate differences in health status between racial and ethnic minority and non-minority populations. - learn more

Neighborhood Social Work

Neighborhood Social Work Working in the community to help residents improve their health by linking them to resources, health assessments, and screenings available in their community.
- learn more

LGBTQ Health Initiative - Old

LGBTQ Health Initiative Working to create partnerships and address gaps in care and issues of health inequity within gender and sexually diverse communities. - learn more

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Health Equity at CPH Find examples of newsletters CPH e-mails internally to discuss relevant health equity issues, programs, events, and trainings. Learn more.