Population Health Division

The Population Health Division works to provide visible leadership to effectively identify and respond to public health threats and priorities.  This includes being part of the Columbus & Metropolitan Medical Response System; creating and testing emergency plans; investigating disease outbreaks; assessing the health of our community; and providing assistance with using plans and data effectively.

The Population Health Division includes these areas:

Office of Epidemiology 
The Office of Epidemiology is your source for local health-related information, providing support to customers who want to use data effectively in community health policy, planning, and programming decisions.

Office of Emergency Preparedness
The Office of Emergency Preparedness strengthens the public health workforce and the community's ability to successfully prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from health emergencies.

Infectious Disease Investigation 
Investigates reported cases of communicable disease, monitors disease in community; and prevents spread of disease.

Outbreak Response
Investigates and responds to outbreaks of disease in the City of Columbus.

Office of Planning and QualityImprovement
The Office of Planning & Quality Improvement ensures that Columbus Public Health excels in quality, finds improvements, and maintains accreditation of our services.