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Lead Poisoning Prevention

Program Information

Lead Poisoning Prevention is part of our Healthy Homes Program  to provide childhood lead testing and follow-up services for children with lead poisoning in Columbus and Worthington. 

Services include:

  • Lead inspections for homes with lead poisoned children;
  • Free HEPA vacuum loan for lead hazard clean-up;
  • Presentations to Columbus community organizations, neighborhood associations, day care centers, and school staff;
  • Displays of lead educational information at fairs and special events;
  • Referral services for landlords, tenants, and homeowners.

Test Children 

Children under age 6 must be tested for lead poisoning if they live in or spend time in homes built before 1978.  

Young children who have contact often with an adult who works with lead through work or a hobby must also be tested. These adults should also be monitored for lead poisoning. 

Testing can be done through your child’s physician’s office. If your child does not have a physician or medical insurance, you can find services at the following medical clinics; if you cannot afford testing for your child, please call us at (614) 724-6000:
Columbus Health Resources 
Primary One Health

Test Your Home:

Lead Inspection Service - Franklin County Public Health

Franklin County Public Health offers a lead inspection service for a fee if you live in a home built before 1978 that’s located in Franklin County. Learn more.

Lead Inspectors and Lead Abatement Contractors in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health maintains a list of all licensed inspectors and lead abatement contractors in Ohio. Learn More

Call us with questions about finding services and information to prevent lead poisoning at (614) 724-6000.