A first step in developing our EMS was to take a close look at the department’s activities, products or services and identify which features affect or have a potential to affect the environment. These are the environmental aspects. A core team consisting of staff from every facility determined which aspects have or could have a significant environmental impact. The EMS provides a framework for managing these significant aspects.

Significant Aspects Include:

Major Spills
Chemical – includes unloading, handling and storage of chemicals used in the water and wastewater treatment process.
Petroleum – includes above ground and underground storage containers, handling, storage, vehicle and equipment fueling, tank loading and unloading and spill prevention and cleanup.
Transformer Oil – includes management and inspection.

Waste Management
Waste management is an aspect that every staff member is involved with on a daily basis. Specific procedures and instructions were developed to properly manage individual waste streams.

Combined Sewer Overflows/Sanitary Sewer Overflows (CSO/SSO)
Operating, managing and improving the collection system per established programs to reduce and/or eliminate CSOs and SSOs.

Water Disinfection Chemical Handling
Due to unique characteristics and handling requirements, use of these chemical products is individually identified as a significant aspect.