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Compost Facility
7000 Jackson Pike (S.R. 104)
Lockbourne, OH 43137
Office : 614-645-3153
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   Week Days: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Com-Til Purchase Info

Wholesalers may purchase at our Compost Facility by account only in bulk quantities, per cubic yard, which weighs about 1,000 pounds. Where to Purchase

Com-Til (traditional product)
$19 per cubic yard  (under 300 yards)
$15 per cubic yard  (over 300 yards)

Com-Til Plus (soil conditioner)
$16 per cubic yard  (under 300 yards)
$12 per cubic yard  (over 300 yards)

comtil purchase info

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  Conversion factor: 1 cubic yard covers 1000 square ft. at 1/4 inches.

Become a Com-Til Wholesaler

Buy direct from the facility 
Whether you are a business, co-op, or individual, you can open a wholesale account if you meet the following requirements:

• You will buy at least 30 cubic yards* of product (per 12 month period) - It does not need to be purchased all at once.

• You have no outstanding or delinquent balances with the City of Columbus or Department of Public Utilities (Water/Sewer and Power Utility, Com-Til) 

• Your previous Com-Til accounts or buying privileges were not revoked by the Compost Facility 

* 30 cubic yards can weigh more than 15 tons. Com-Til average weight 1,000 lbs. (or ½ ton) per cubic yard. If this is too much for your needs, there are several retailers in the area who will sell bulk Com-Til.

Current Pricing:
Standard Accounts  (30 – 299 Yds3) $19/yd3
Premium Accounts (300+ yd3 ) $15/yd3

To become a Com-Til wholesaler: 

  • Complete a Com-Til Wholesale Account Application
    Fill in all necessary information, initial and sign where required
    Attach your Ohio Blanket Exemption Form if you do not pay sales tax
    Check the appropriate options for your account type

  • Include a check deposit based on your account type
    Make your check payable to “Columbus City Treasurer”, and reference “COM-TIL ACCOUNT”

  • Mail or email your application to us, or bring it in person.

Questions? Contact the Compost Facility at 614-645-3153.