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The Compost facility serves wholesale accounts only. Find a  retailer  near you.

Com-Til Purchase Info

Wholesalers may purchase at our Compost Facility by account only in bulk quantities, per cubic yard, which weighs about 1,000 pounds.  Retail Locations

Com-Til  (t raditional product)
$19 per cubic yard  (under 300 yards)
$15 per cubic yard  (over 300 yards)

Com-Til Plus  (s oil conditioner)
$16 per cubic yard  (under 300 yards)
$12 per cubic yard  (over 300 yards)

comtil purchase info

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  Conversion factor: 1 cubic yard covers 1000 square ft. at 1/4 inches.

Com-Til is a dark, rich compost that will break up tough clay soil, add valuable organic matter, provide both macro and micro nutrients, help retain moisture and provide a decorative mulch. The product is made from residual bio-solids from the City of Columbus wastewater treatment plants, yard waste and wood chips.

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Where to Purchase Com-Til

Where to Purchase Com-Til Com-Til is available for purchase by wholesale accounts only, in bulk quantities at our Compost Facility. However, consumers can still buy as much or as little as needed at other retailers in the Columbus area.  - learn more

Com-Til Hauling and Soil Blending Services

Com-Til Hauling and Soil Blending Services There are several companies who haul Com-Til and others that provide Com-Til amended topsoil. - learn more

Yard Waste Disposal

Yard Waste Disposal

The Com-Til Compost Facility accepts yard waste free of charge, year round - leaves, branches, trees & shrubs only; no grass clippings or sod. These items are then recycled into mulch

In addition to this facility, Columbus provides weekly yard waste pick-up to 227,000 homes; learn what materials are accepted (includes grass clippings) & how to prepare them for collection.

Other yard waste collection/composting centers are available throughout the year for City of Columbus and Franklin County residents free of charge. - learn more

Applications - Where & How to Use

Applications - Where & How to Use Use in lawns, gardens, potting and transplanting. Use as a soil conditioner, especially to break up clay, or as mulch. - learn more

Organic Product - Analysis & Safety Data

Organic Product - Analysis & Safety Data Com-Til products are organic fertilizers and soil conditioners produced under strict engineering controls and are as safe as any compost or other soil product. Includes nutrient & metal values.  - learn more

Land Application

Land Application This program recycles biosolids from the wastewater treatment process to fertilize croplands for corn, soybeans, turf grass and wheat. - learn more