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Meter Reading & Bill Calculation

Meter Reading & Bill CalculationLearn how to read your meter and calculate your bill.

And if you received a high bill, verify that the reading is accurate by taking your own reading; occasionally bills are estimated or a reading may have been keyed incorrectly when entered into the billing system. More on billed meter readings. 

  • How to Read Your Electric Meter 

  • How to Read Your Water Meter Meters are typically in the basement or a utility closet, usually where the furnace and hot water heater are located. There is a remote reading device attached outside of the home, usually on the same side of the house near the actual indoor meter. It is recommended you check these devices at least once each year, taking the reading from each unit to compare with one another; they should read the same.

  • Report a Meter Reading Provide readings for your City of Columbus Water, Sewer and Fire meters. NOTE: large meters with multiple registers/multiple readings cannot be reported using this form. Please contact customer service directly at 614-645-8276 or by email at  [email protected]  to provide these readings.

  • Meter Outdoor Water Usage using an optional Auxiliary Meters (brochure) - Save money in sewer usage charges                                  

  • How to Calculate Your Water/Sewer Bill 2024 Manual Worksheet with step-by-step instructions. View 2023 Rates Version

  • Calculate Your Residential Water/Sewer Bill 2024 Interactive Worksheet (Excel file). Select your city, number of days (usually about 90) and usage (average is about 10 CCF per person) and this worksheet will run the calculations for you. View 2023 Rates Version 

Locating a Water Meter & Emergency Service Valve

Locate & mark your main control valve; show everyone in the house how to turn off water in an emergency. Learn more