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**In person bill payment and permitting services are at the Michael B. Coleman Government Center, 111 N. Front Street.** Open weekdays 7:30 am - 5 pm with free short-term parking in the garage across Long Street and an after-hours drop box.

Please report utility repair needs to the 311 Center online , or call 614-645-8276 (weekdays 7 am - 6 pm). For non-business hours emergencies only: Water 614-645-7788; Sewer 614-645-7102; Power 614-645-7627.  View the Contact Directory for description of emergencies. Please use 614-645-8276 for all other needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bill Payment FAQ Bill payment questions and answers such as 'Where can I make a payment?' - learn more

Tenant Billing Questions and answers about how to get a water/sewer bill in a tenant's name. - learn more

Power FAQ's Answers to Power and Electricity related questions. - learn more

Sewer FAQ's Questions and answers to Sewer related topics including information about the Fats, Oil, and Grease Control Program. - learn more

Sewer Overflow FAQs

Sewer Overflow FAQs When volume exceeds capacity, sewer overflows can discharge into local waterways. Learn why this happens & where, what we are doing about it and what residents can do to help. - learn more

Water Topics Answers to common questions about:
Fire Hydrants
Leaks (Household, street, hydrants, basement flooding)
Water quality, treatment & supply
Water service, meters, repairs & inspections - learn more

Algae in Drinking Water

Algae in Drinking Water Algae has been a growing concern in some of Ohio’s lakes and waterways, and we want to inform our customers about the many efforts undertaken by the Columbus Division of Water to ensure water quality. Included are some frequently asked questions about Algae blooms. - learn more

FAQ's about Lead in Drinking Water

FAQ's about Lead in Drinking Water There is no lead in the treated water that leaves the Columbus water plants. None of the water mains in are made of lead. However, because some water service lines, home plumbing, fixtures and solder may contain lead materials or parts, precautions are taken to prevent lead from leaching into the water customers rely on at the tap. - learn more

FAQ's about Nitrate in Columbus' Drinking Water

Nitrate in Columbus Drinking Water Only 1 of our 3 treatment plants is susceptible to elevated levels of nitrate - an infrequent occurrence which tends to be limited to April through July. Only infants less than 6 months of age are affected by elevated levels. Common questions are answered. - learn more

Water Main Breaks

Water Main Breaks Please report suspected water main breaks to 311 or 645 3111 immediately (weekdays 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.) or to 645-7788 after hours and weekends. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about water main breaks. - learn more

Blueprint Columbus Pilot Project - Clintonville

Blueprint Columbus Pilot Project - Clintonville Questions and Answers about the Blueprint Columbus pilot project in Clintonville area.  The City is investigating the best method for eliminating the sanitary sewer overflow into Adena Brook in Whetstone Park. This project will help determine how to reduce the amount of rain water that makes its way into the sanitary sewer, overburdening the system and resulting in an overflow. - learn more